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Three Days Until the Road!

I hit the road in three days! I am incredibly excited and nervous, and the last two weeks since my prior post have gone by in a flash. A few days after my first blog post, my basement flooded, so I spent several days removing, carpet, padding, and ripping out my walls and insulation. It was not a lot of fun, but luckily I have insurance for these types of things. I am leaving all of the remodeling until I get back in town.

But to the adventure at hand, I made some adjustments to my initial plan of going to Dallas after New Orleans. My friend in Dallas is going to have surgery the day before I was to arrive, so I had to cancel that visit. I decided to take a more direct path to Oklahoma City and stay in Shreveport instead of Dallas. I've never been to Shreveport, but hopefully it will be fun to explore the city. Speaking of exploring cities, when I am in a city I will be live streaming as much of the time as possible at Since I won't be able to live stream in national parks (no cell reception) I figured people might enjoy seeing the cities I am in.

I also decided to cancel a lot of the hotel rooms I had booked and instead decided to book AirBnb's. The reason was threefold. First, many times AirBnB's save money compared to hotels (particularly if the hotel wants you to pay for parking). Second, for the price, you often get accommodations closer to the heart of the city. Lastly, I want to meet new people on this trip, and AirBnB lets me meet the hosts which is better than staying in a hotel.

Yesterday I got to show off the tent to friends at work which was exciting, it made the trip seem even more 'real' to me. This weekend will be full of helping a friend move, packing the SUV with all of my things, attending the graduation of my students, saying goodbye to friends that are leaving the Quad cities, and then the Game of Thrones finale before I leave on Monday. So much to do, but I will try to post one more blog post before I leave.

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