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Planning the road trip

This summer I am road-tripping across the USA for 78 days. Starting in Davenport Iowa, I will make my way to Key West, then to Colorado, through the desert to Los Angeles, up to Seattle, and then make my way back to Iowa. What I am most excited for is staying at more than a dozen national parks along the way. All told the trip should cover 11,000 miles which will take over 200 hours of driving.

This is a trip I have dreamed of taking for a while, so I am incredibly excited. But I am also incredibly nervous. My family were never campers, and I have only camped once in my adult life before this trip. I have made the decision to video tape and live stream as much of the trip as possible, so that I can share my journey with others.

I have 19 more days to go until I set off on the trip and there is still a lot left for me to do. I hope I find time to sleep between planning the trip, getting my car ready, buying equipment, and booking hotels and campsites.

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