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One day to go and mostly packed!

I am 90% of the way packed into my car and the trip is becoming more and more 'real' in my mind. I'm still nervous but excited. I can't imagine that I am about to spend 78 days on the road exploring the national parks.

Last night I realized that one national park I will probably miss is the Dry Tortugas outside of Key West because I did not realize that there was a 'public' ferry that I could reserve before it was too late. That is alright, there is still plenty to see and do when I am in Key West.

Today is graduation, followed by good bye parties, and the Game of Thrones finale. Then all that is left to do is pack my clothes and clean the house.

Tomorrow, the trip begins! First stop is the Chicago suburbs to say goodbye to the family!

Packing for the roadtrip!

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