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First day had a rough start, but a great ending

Updated: May 22, 2019

Last night was the Game of Throne finale. Before the finale was a going away party for my friends Brian and Stephanie, so we watched the show later than usual, and I ended up getting home after midnight which delayed me getting up the next morning a bit (but the party was worth it!)

That late start was exacerbated by my battery backup having technical issues. Let me backup: one of my biggest worries for this trip was batteries. I suffer from sleep apnea, so I need a machine (called a cpap) to help me breathe throughout the night. Without the cpap, I stop breathing about every 2 minutes (and then I re-wakeup without know it in order to breathe), leading to terrible sleep and me being unable to focus the next day. That is why I bought the Aeiusny Portable Generator on my Gear page. Not only does it provide 2 nights of cpap usage, it also can charge from my cars cigarette pot and a solar panel. This morning I tested it in the car's cigarette port, and it didn't charge. I then tested it with the solar panel, again nothing. This is is serious issue, and I began to panic a bit.

Once I went to Amazon and saw that I had ordered it slightly over a month ago, and therefore couldn't return it. My heart sank... terrible way to start the trip. I was so frustrated. I hadn't left the driveway and had my first major issue. I called Amazon and they were incredibly helpful and offered to take the return anyway. This was a huge relief. The current plan is to use this unit, charging it in wall outlets, until I get a replacement unit sent to one of my stops down the road. I should be able to use my cpap every night since I am not going to be away from a wall outlet for more than 2 nights until I get the replacement.

Once I got on the road,everything was fine. I listened to the podcast Critical Role and made it to the Chicago suburbs on time. Though I had two stop before home. First, I visited the grave of my cousin Brad. He pass away eleven years ago, and was one of the most adventurous people I ever knew. I wanted to say goodbye to him one more time before I launch off on this adventure of my own.

Next I got coffee with one of my best friends, Amanda. We were incredibly close in college and I have become good friends with her family over the years. Amanda and I hadn't seen each other in over a year, and it was great catching up about my life, the trip, her family and boyfriend, both of our jobs, and plans for the future. It was great seeing her, if only for a short time.

I then went to my parents place and was welcomed with open arms. My mother made a pork tenderloin dish which is my favorite; it was delicious. Tomorrow I drive to Mammoth Cave National Park. It is over a six hour drive, but I hope to get there early enough to get a hike in before camping.

Day one was supposed to be an easy day overall but had a rough start. But right now I'm sitting in my parents living room watching a re run of The Office with my mom, and I can't imagine a better way to end the day.

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