I am a traveler at heart. I love exploring new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people. I'm also a college professor at a college in Illinois, so I am fortunate to have summers off to explore.  

Last year, I was able to visit the Pacific Northwest for the first time. It was my first true vacation in almost a decade because I was either in graduate school for a long time (read: broke and busy) or I had to take care of my blind St. Bernard Obediah (who has passed). That trip inspired me to travel as much as I could.


I'm incredibly excited for this roadtrip, but also incredibly nervous since I have only been camping once in my adult life; and for the next 78 days I will mostly be sleeping in a tent on top of my car. However, that is why the expedition is called Brave Mountains, because I believe we need to set high goals for ourselves, even if they scare us, and then have the courage to reach those goals. 

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